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As we age, there will be volume loss in the components of our face such as skin, fat, muscle, and bone. This volume loss will showcase the visible signs of aging easily. Thinning out of facial tissues will lead to the development of fine lines around the nose, mouth and cheeks become hollow. Dermal fillers can aid in replacing the lost volume, plump the lips, smoothen the wrinkles and rejuvenate you with a youthful appearance.


Dermal fillers are gel-like compounds that are administered beneath the skin with the main purpose of restoring the lost volume, smooth lines, and enhance facial features. They hold the capacity to address precise issues like deep under-eye circles, enhancing the volume of the lips, lifting the cheekbones and nasolabial folds (the wrinkles that start from the side of the nose to the edges of the mouth).

Dermal fillers can be made from different types of substances, few are naturally occurring and few are artificially made. A highly used compound in the dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid (HA). It is a naturally present compound in our skin and has a major part in retaining the volume and hydration of the skin. Depending on the area and expertise of their administration dermal fillers can last up to 6 months when they are slowly absorbed by the metabolism process of the human body.



This is one of the major advantages of dermal fillers in offering immediate results. As you complete the procedure of dermal filling, you will see the visible results starting to appear in some time. There will be no worries of recovery time like the ones in invasive surgeries. The filler injections can be administered in 10 minutes depending upon the number of areas to be treated. The majority of patients return to their routine works immediately after the procedure without any issues. But it is crucial to perform the task by an aesthetic who is well aware of all the procedures and provides precise treatments.

Some people may experience minor side effects after the treatment like redness or swelling near the injection region. The swelling and redness will fade off in a few hours and you can cover it with makeup without any issues. Some times doctor will apply a numbing cream to avoid any discomfort during the procedure. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions before, during, and after the procedure.


Long-lasting results are an added advantage of fillers when compared to other treatments. Provided, this procedure has to be carried out by a skilled and experienced aesthetic doctor. You have to maintain the fillers by following the instructions provided by your doctor. Take a repetitive treatment in 4 to 6 months after the first appointment and schedule the next one before the previous effects start to kick in as fillers get metabolized by the body.


Dermal fillers are made by hyaluronic acid that is a natural component in the skin. This is a major boost for the individuals getting treatment for the volume loss issues. When they are administered by experts, they act naturally beneath the skin. This will result in the natural appearance of the skin post-procedure.

One more plus of this treatment is its ability to provide subtle results without overdoing the rejuvenation process. This is the reason for the increasing popularity of this treatment. Nobody wants to appear different from what they were before the treatment. People just want to be the best version of themselves. Other people will never know if you have done any procedure for your skin and feel like magic.


As the skin ages, it will lose the volume and glow leading to the disappearance of youthful plump. This results in volume loss and the appearance of visible signs of aging. Luckily, dermal fillers aid in dealing with these problems temporarily and making the skin look plumper. You will achieve the goals of rejuvenated skin and a natural glow in the target region making you look happier and satisfied.


Skin specialists may see that some of the wrinkles on the face are much deeper in specific regions. It may be on the areas like the forehead, glabella, or the appearance of vertical lip lines near the mouth. In such cases, they may suggest you go with Dysport or Botox treatment depending on the issue and volume of the target region. These neurotoxins carry the capability to temporarily relax the fine lines and wrinkles that is not possible with dermal fillers. By a successful combination of dermal fillers with Botox/Dysport neurotoxins, you will get a rejuvenated appearance. You can also avoid any surgeries like a facelift in the coming days.


An important factor for the skin to lose its firmness as you grow older is the decrease of collagen. It may be contributed by factors such as sun damage or the lifestyle of an individual. Collagen is a key element of the skin responsible for providing a firm look. As there is a breakdown of collagen, signs of aging are more visible in the form of wrinkles or uneven skin tone. Dermal fillers encourage the body to develop more collagen similar to young age skin leading to the development of skin in a natural manner.


There is a wide range of dermal fillers available in the market, hence an experienced skin expert is required to select the right one for your specific needs. They will listen to your aesthetic needs, requirements, and evaluate them to develop a precise plan to create natural outcomes. If you are looking for advanced cosmetic skincare treatments like dermal fillers to enhance your appearance, then chose Everglow by Robyn. We will develop a comprehensive individualized plan of care that will not only rejuvenate your appearance but will refresh your confidence.

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