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Tattoos that were only a liking of rebels have taken the fashionable term for many enthusiasts across the country. They could be a symbol or a likely phrase, tattoos will be covering various places in the body in recent times. But sadly, not all your previous tattoos will leave you with happy memories and you might consider removing them. So, how would you accomplish this process? Below is a quick guide to tattoo removal for beginners that provides you with comprehensive information to decide on the process. Here is a quick guide to laser tattoo removal.


There are a few types of laser removal techniques available in the market. Many types of laser removal creams are less effective in removing all types of tattoos. There is a surgical type of treatment but it is an extreme procedure that involves removing small portions of the skin or scraping the skin to fade out the tattoo. But laser removal is considered the safest and effective type of treatment due to its benefits, value, and success of the treatment.


  • With the availability of different types of laser treatments, it is the laser removal that stands to be successful and safe among the other methods. Other safe tattoo removal techniques like creams and chemical peels may not harm the skin, but they only fade the appearance of tattoos instead of removing them, Laser removal is effective than these safe methods and also not as extreme as the surgical method with very minimal chance of burning or scars. The laser method may only require local anesthetic or numbing creams with very less recovery time.

  • Laser removal accomplishes the task by breaking down the ink in the lower dermis levels in the location of the tattoo and send small pulses of controlled laser light into the ink. The ink molecules are destroyed and the residue is slowly absorbed into the skin without causing any harm to the surrounding region. There will be a requirement for different types of lasers depending on the colors present in the tattoo.

  • The majority of skin experts term laser removal as the most effective and safer way to remove all kinds of tattoos. There are advanced laser treatments available that make use of strong energy in a single pulse that increases the temperature of the ink in the skin and eliminates it. You may need to take a prescribed number of laser treatments over many weeks to eliminate the tattoo. It is an important step in the process to completely remove the tattoo in the long run.

  • Tattoos with multiple tones may be a bit tricky to remove. They will demand treatment with different types of lasers of diverse wavelengths to show a successful result. Ideal candidates for receiving laser treatment are ones with light skin. There are chances that laser treatment might change the color of people with darker skin. But modern laser treatments are adjusted to treat individuals with darker skin. Old and new tattoos take diverse timings and difficulty levels to remove.


A protective eye shield is employed to safeguard the eyes from the harmful laser light. Before treatment, skin reaction is tested to know the most appropriate levels for the treatment.

A laser handheld device is placed against the skin surface and pulsed laser beams are sent to the skin. Advanced laser technology sends a controlled lase pulse that is absorbed by the target region leading the ink molecules to be broken down, Die to this there will be no harm to the surrounding areas. The resulting residue is eliminated by the natural metabolism system of the human body.

Smaller tattoos will need fewer pulses but larger ones need more.

There may be a requirement for multiple treatment sessions to achieve optimal outcomes. The type and intensity of the tattoo will decide the number of sessions needed for a person. The tattoo will become lighter with every possible session.

Ice packs will be employed immediately after the procedure in the target region. This is important to soothe the region and allow to avoid any irritations in the skin.

In general, it is key to take all the treatment sessions as prescribed by the specialist. They will usually recommend around 6 to 8 weeks between the sessions to get optimal results.


The skin expert will provide you with all the specific instructions to be taken once you finish the procedure. They will suggest you appropriate creams that will aid in healing the skin while also decreasing the risk of infection. Every time you apply the ointment, you would need clean dressings to keep the target region clean. Ensure to keep the area clean for the next few weeks by following the below instructions.

  • Do not wear tight clothing and allow the target region to breathe.

  • Do not expose the region to sun rays.

  • Maintain the region clean and dry.

  • Avoid picking at any blisters or scabs.

There may be issues of scarring in some people which demands not to pick at the regions.

With all these cautions, it is key to follow all the provider’s and skin doctor’s instructions.


The number of treatments needed for laser tattoo removal is reliant on several factors, like its color, size, and age. Multiple colored tattoos will demand more time and treatments to remove the tattoo completely. Added to this, if the tattoo is new then it will demand more time than the older one due to the ink freshness. A reliable skin expert will design a strategic plan depending upon the various influencing factors. Hence, it is important to associate with a reliable skin expert to carry out the treatment.


Laser tattoo removal has to be carried out at reliable aesthetic skin clinics like Everglow by Robyn. Robyn will build an all-inclusive customized strategy that will not only rejuvenate your appearance but will refresh your confidence.

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